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Blimpboobs TGP only accepts partner submissions.
If you wish to have a partner account, please send an email to me (chris//at//blimpboobs.com) including: 3 URLs of sample galleries, your preferred username and password, and also a working email address. There should be no problem to approve you. Galleries submitted must have a reciprocal link (as below).

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Busty Amateurs
Blimpboobs does old fashioned hard link trades with amateurs.
If you are a busty amateur, send an image of yourself (preferable showing your boobs) to webmaster@blimpboobs.com
The image should be 80x100. Also please provide a short description.

Free Site Webmasters
If you are a webmaster with a big boob free site ,send a 120x60 image to webmaster@blimpboobs.com
Also provide a short description that you would like to appear.

Please use one of the images below and link back to: http://www.blimpboobs.com/



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